Sleepless nights, teething, crying, and one million diaper changes definitely does not conjure up “the bundle of joy” expectations provided to most new parents. Becoming

a parent is wonderful. But it’s also really, really hard. And during that time where you

think you’re all alone at 4 am rocking your screaming baby to sleep for the fifth time that

night, we want you to know we get it! We’ve been there! Just know whether you are that mother struggling to find time to shower or that father up to his elbows in baby

poop, you’re doing a kick-ass job and this too shall pass! We also realized that a little humour during this time can go a long way. Thus came the inspiration for the Being Parents Greeting Card Collection. A card that reminds us what parenting can really look like. A way to connect with others that feel stuck in the vortex of surviving parenthood. A way to support each other and provide a moment ofhumorous relief. A way to show WE GET IT! So laugh a little and enjoy a card that says all the things most of us are thinking while embracing the momentous task of Being Parents!