You Are Awesome.

How many of you felt something reading that blog title? Did it cause you to smile? Did it make you feel good? Well here it is folks. The truth! The impact a small compliment can make is mind-blowing. And not just for the person receiving the compliment. Giving a compliment proves to be just as beneficial. The purpose of a compliment is to let someone else know that you value and appreciate them. At RED Paper Boutique, we aim to do just that. To celebrate happiness and human connection so that other's feel valued and appreciated. We do this by connecting people through paper.

We created our most recent greeting card collection- the Inherently Optimistic line of gold foil mini cards to spread more positivity and optimism. As mental health nurses, our goal when working with patients is to find that little glimmer of hope. Sometimes the best way to get the mind focusing on the positives is to slip in a genuine compliment. When people are feeling depressed or anxious, our brains tend to stick to deprecating and negativistic thoughts. This subsequently governs our actions and behaviors. Compliments and focusing on strengths helps people begin to see solutions more clearly.

Want to see your children excel at a task? Compliment them. Want to motivate your employees and team members? Compliment them. Want to remind your partner that they are significant? Compliment them!

The power of a compliment takes only seconds, yet provides a lasting impact. We hope that our newest collection will make it easier to let someone else know you appreciate them. Tuck one of these in your kids lunches to let them know "You are awesome"; leave one on the desk of an employee or employer to remind them "You are kicking ass"; or give your spouse the "You are enough" card to validate them when their self-esteem could use a lift.

To view our full Inherently Optimistic collection, head over to our website at YOU ARE FABULOUS!!! Amazing photos taken by the talented

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